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Do you need help clearing music?

Copyright clearance - especially for television, film, DVD and new media productions - can be time-consuming and complicated.

Why waste your valuable time when we can take the strain?

Once the pressure is off your team, they are then free to concentrate on other essential elements of the projects in hand.

We can handle all elements of the music copyright clearance process, from researching copyright ownership, preparing costs reports, clearing music on a licence-by-licence basis, negotiating agreements (often with considerable savings for our clients) and delivering the final paperwork.

We also run bespoke and in-house short courses on the subject of music licensing for television and film companies.

Our clients include independent TV production companies, DVD distributors, Universal Music Group International, 19 Entertainment, Aardman Animations, law firms, universities, advertising agencies and media companies throughout the country.

Complete and submit the form, the first step towards giving you an easier life!

For simple and straightforward matters, there will be no charge.

For projects that are more involved, we will provide a quote for our services.