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Q: I am preparing a presentation for internal corporate use to be shown to employees only. Do I need clearance for using commercial music in the presentation? If so, how long will the process take?


Yes you do. Firstly, contact the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) and/or tel: +44-207-580-5544.

They will advise you as to which music publisher to contact in respect of the musical composition element to obtain a synchronisation licence.

You will then need clearance and a master use licence from the appropriate record company.

To find out who that might be, contact PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) and/or tel: +44-207-534-1000 .


The whole process should take up to a couple of weeks; however, each clearance situation is different and costs & processing times can vary.

Q: I am preparing a non-profit performance of varied music. Do I need a licence to perform?


If you are performing songs that are still in copyright then yes, you will need to obtain a PRS licence. They can be contacted on +44 207-580-5544 or at

Q: I am preparing a non-profit performance, which will NOT be performed in public. Do I need a licence to perform?


As you are not performing in a public area, no, no licence is required.